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IN-DEPTH | Contradictions, lies, or suspicions? Australia’s doubts against Djokovic and his ‘no’ to the covid vaccine

The investigation of the ‘Djokovic case’ has raised many unknowns that put the player’s permanence at risk.
Australia is working to kick Djokovic despite what the judge says: investigate if he lied in his entry statement.
Djokovic experienced a “small part” of the refugee abuse in Australia, according to Amnesty International.
Djokovic’s first words after his release: “Despite everything that has happened, I want to stay and compete.

The ‘ Djokovic case ‘ continues to draw a line even after obtaining permission from the Australian justice to freely enter the country, after several days in detention. Despite the court ruling in his favor, the government still has the power to decide to deport Novak if it considers it a risk to the population by not being vaccinated or if it breached any of the entry protocols to the country … such as the investigation is trying to clarify.

Taking into account that the court validated all the processes known to date that were carried out, including their exits while being infected, new information continues to emerge in this regard. The last one, regarding his travel declaration, a form to be filled out to enter Australia in which Djokovic apparently lied .

In the document that has seen the light in the last hours, it can be seen how the tennis player claims not to have made any trip during the 14 days prior to his arrival in Australia, something that, in accounting, points to not being true. Djokovic left Spain on the night of Tuesday, January 4, but he spent Christmas in Belgrade, 11 days before traveling to Melbourne.

If the Serbian’s lie is confirmed, the government could deport him as it is considered a “serious offense”, which in certain cases could cost a sentence of one year in prison. This is the main thread that Australia clings to decide definitively what happens with Djokovic, while he defends that it was the Australian Tennis Federation, organizers of the Open, who filled out that form for him.

However, this has not been the only contradiction that Djokovic has starred in this whole case, since last weekend, still without the ruling of justice as support, information emerged that left the player very badly.

‘Nole’ assured the authorities, and his family confirmed in his appearance on Monday, that he was infected with coronavirus on December 16, when he received the positive result of a PCR. That same day, the world’s number one made a public appearance at a ceremony in his honor in Belgrade. However, times can save you, in this case.

Where they do not do it is in his presence on the 17th at an awards ceremony of the Belgrade Tennis Federation at his tennis academy, where Djokovic was with several children, without a mask, and knowing that he was infected with Covid. All this, we remember, without being vaccinated.

Wednesday, ‘D-day’
However, everything indicates that Australia will finally allow Djokovic to participate in the Open. The Minister of Immigration, Alex Hawke, has not yet ruled on the matter and sources close to the case believe that it is a sign that he will not reject the decision made by the justice, as long as they do not take into account his “error” in the input form.

The final decision, according to Australian media, will not be made before Wednesday, January 12, where it is expected that the soap opera the beginning of the year will end.

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