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Scandal in Portuguese soccer: a coach, arrested for 12,000 crimes of child pornography and abuse of minors

The case of a soccer coach and his numerous abuses of the minors he directed comes to light.

A youth soccer coach from the Portuguese area of ​​Beja, in the south of the country, is accused of twelve thousand crimes of child pornography and six of sexual abuse of minors, which is why he has been in preventive prison since last May.

The news has been disclosed by the Portuguese newspaper “Jornal de Noticias”, which has revealed how the detainee collected photographs of minors since he was 18 years old. The newspaper even advances that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that the accused created a page on Instagram in which he posed as a minor.

The police investigation began in April 2019 and two years later he was arrested and placed in preventive custody.

The defendant, who ran a gas station in Beja, made his job compatible with that of a soccer coach for training teams in his spare time.

Portuguese Judicial Police (PJ) agents have been able to intervene in dozens of hard drives and other devices in which thousands of photos and videos of minors were stored. When he was arrested, the man was participating in a coaching course at the Beja Football Association.

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