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Isa Pantoja, increasingly hard with Kiko Rivera: “If he speaks … I answer”

The television collaborator downplays Kiko’s message: “One day he hates TV and another day he thinks he is Daddy Yankee.”

Isa Pantoja is very clear: if her brother attacks, she responds. This is what he has declared to the journalists of Europa Press, who have asked him about the distance he maintains with Kiko Rivera after the death of his grandmother, Doña Ana.

“I make my life, I am happy, and I hope that he is also happy with his family and friends. I have not started all this. Let us remember that it was him, then I answered him and, from there, until today. If he speaks, I answer, it is very simple “, has expressed the gathering of The Ana Rosa program.

Isabel Pantoja’s daughter has doubts about the seriousness of the DJ’s anger, since, despite demanding tranquility, she thinks that in a while he could return to the television sets to talk about his relatives, as he did with the cordillera In the Saturday special Deluxe Cantora, the poisoned inheritance.

“If in a month or two months he is going to go to a program to talk about this issue, then we are not going to forget much either”, has settled the also collaborator of It’s already eight o’clock, thus demonstrating that the brothers have not approached postures.

These words come days after the musician shared a blunt message on Instagram: “You, you, you and a billion times you, Irene Rosales. Let’s see if the young lady finds out and stops fucking. let us live in peace! Find out now that my family is my wife and my children there it ends! “, said the DJ on the social network under a photograph in which he appeared with the model.”

Faced with the evident anger of the musician, the ex-survivor acknowledged in The Ana Rosa program that she no longer knew how to take her behavior. “I don’t know whether to listen to him or not, honestly,” he said, to which he added emphatically: “Nothing, it’s his outbursts. One day he hates TV and another day he thinks he is Daddy Yankee and only uploads things about his music.”

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